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What´s with all the links..?

You´ve got to understand that this blog serves three purposes at this stage:

1) It´s my diary in this process of planning and preparation

2) It´s my medium for talking on and on and on about the thing I´m really interested in , the big trip!

3) It´s my planning tool. And as a planning tool I use it to store all of the information that I find at least semi-important to the project. So all the links are for me in order to get equipment, documents or training that I need for the trip. They are also for you, if you are planning anything similar.

Go nuts! Klick `em all! They are there for a reason 😉

Lost Biker

Carnet continued

Good news everyone…

Talked to the very nice people at NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation). They have a wee bit different view on the whole Carnet thing. Firstly they are 50% cheaper regarding document costs, so about NOK 3000 for the Carnet-documents. Their bank-gurarantee demands are also much cheaper, so about NOK 50.000 for my needs, but he had a few insights regarding how to go about this cheaper.. We´ll see when the time comes.

Also, NAF travel insurance cut me a deal which is 1/3 of the TRYG cost.
So bye bye Tryg Vesta.  

Great day 🙂

Happiness is a journey, not a destination

For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life.

But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.

– Souza


Carnet or not?

So research continues

Stumbled upon carnet-info at the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, which lead to Stavanger Næringsforening. It shouldn´t be to hard to figure out. But I kind of need some specifics and details. After all, I am a planner, no matter how much I rebel against it. So I just shot them an email asking for a meet-n-greet, hopefully with some Carnet-for-Dummies info.

We´ll see how it pans out

I need a mentor-mechanic

There are a few things that worry me a little about my world-trip. apart from getting arrested, crash, getting killed and/or eaten (!), I worry about the bike breaking down on me in the middle of fuckin nowhere, which is where I will be most of the time. I need to learn how to do anything from changing and fixing tires, fixing spokes, changing the oil and all the filters (oil/fuel/air), finding ad fixing electrical issues, spark plugs and a number of other things that I´m probably not fully aware of yet.

So, I need a mentor-mechanic. anyone know any one that can help out and give me a few crucial pointers? 



So this may be …

So this may be a bit juvenile, but instead of figuring out important stuff like VISA-applications and Carnet and other very dry but ultimately crucial stuff, I look for a new helmet that I won´t need for at least a year. Makes sense, right?

So, I´ve fallen in love with this one from Arai, based on the features like big visor opening so that I can use the attached wind shield or a pair of goggles, nice big peak and the fact that its intended for the kind of trip that I´m planning. Also, a bit of coloring makes it stand out and be more visible in traffic compared to my current matt black finished helmet.

Also I just think it rocks!


That being said, I haven´t even tried it an it may not fit my Shrek-sized head..

World Map arrived!

Yay! The world map I ordered for my project planning, or “WarRoom”” as it will be referred to henceforth, arrived this morning.

My first reaction was : WOHO!

My second was : damn thats huge (measuring 175 x 115 cm)

Third : Damn, I gotta learn some Russian…Bilde

It will look better once it´s up on the wall, with my preliminary route plotted.. 🙂

Happy days

I must be out of my fuckin’ mind

Who in their right mind goes “FUCK IT!” and leaves everything behind? The security, the comfort, work, home, friends and loved ones. Even roads than are proper roads, not donkey trails or just nothing.

Started to think about the possible downsides last night, from the bike breaking down in the middle of nowhere to becoming dinner for the local carnivores inhabitants to the share weight of loneliness as I’m on the other side of the world

Another thing is that its only 20 months until departure, and so much to do, it’s going to be really busy.

But the worst part is probably this: 20 months? I wanna go now!

Below, the Italian Alps going north from Torino. Solo adventure in 2011


Going it alone, or going with you?

Previous to this blog I had (technically still have) a FB group where my thoughts about this world-trip would be posted. However, after moving the project over to the blog, then there is one thing I really feel I need to post one more time, here, at my project HQ, the lost biker blog. Here goes:

So, I´m going. alone if I have to, but I´ll be happy to share this adventure with someone else.

If you want to go on your own, or know someone who might want to go, then give me a heads up. It can be for the entire trip, or just parts of it.
There are a couple of people (you know who you are) who already stated that they wanted to join in of shorter parts of the trip. Looking forward to it 🙂

Prerequisits: Anyone going must have the following

  1. Motorcycle licence, valid internationally
  2. Your own MC capable of going off road, as there will be something of a road-shortage where I´m / we´re going
  3. Be completely self-sufficient int terms of equipment and funds. Motorcycle riding is all about freedom, and tha also entail the freedom to go your own way.
  4. Necessary training (before departure at least); first aid, some mechanical skills, MC-offroad skills.
Departure is at least 20 months down the road, so theres plenty of time…


Over the last two weeks I´ve read 5 books on different aspects of adventure motorcycle riding. A lot of good info here:

The best where probably “Adventure Motorcycling” and “Building the ultimate Adventure Motorcycle” by Robert Wics

But, “The Unleash your adventure pack list,- what to take, what to leave & the hows & whys of overland motorcycle travel” by Sherrie McCarthey & patrick Schweizer is al LOT more practical and down to the point then the title indicates 🙂

However, current research is the DVD series “Long Way Around” with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Good times 🙂

Language barrier

So, I´m gonna follow the advice of a fellow traveller and try to do this blog in english rather then norwegian. 

We´ll see how it turns out..

Nytt domene – YAY

Ok, så jeg er kanskje ikke den mes it-tekniske fyren i verden.

Men klarte likevel å få koblet opp nytt doeme til bloggen!



Så, da er adressen , ikke

Så finner jeg frem til min egen blogg. Magisk



Så, våkna i morges og innså at jeg må ta noen språkkurs de neste to årene. Tror ca 1/3 av ruta går i russisktalende land, og 1/4 går i spansltalende land. Gjør nok livet mitt litt lettere om jeg i allefall har noen gloser.. 😀

Hadde uansett tenkt å ta med en billed-ordbok, hjelper vel litt.


Reiserute – sånn foreløpig

Så, planen er å kjøre verden rundt på MC.

Ønsker å kjøre fra Stavanger, via Leipzig, Berlin til Paris og så ned til Spania. Derfra en tur ned til Roma og muligens lenger sør i Italia om tiden strekker til.

Så opp og øst via Ungarn til Kazakhstan, innom Russland, inn i Mongolia, så inn i Russland igjen til kysten. Derfra en tur ned til Japan. Fra Japan tenker jeg fraktebåt/fly til Buenos Aires, og så kjøre sørover langs kysten av Argentina og så opp langs vestkysten av Chile. Tanken er å følge vestkysten av hele søramerica opp til og med Ecuador, og derfra ta en båt til Panama City. Så videre opp via bla a Mexico og inn i USA. USA sør til nord og så til slutt Canada Vest til Øst.

Foreløpig tenker jeg at dette skal ta ca 12 mnd.

Reseach og planlegging vi helt sikkert påvirke rutevalg. Tar dette etterhvert.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination 🙂