I need a mentor-mechanic

There are a few things that worry me a little about my world-trip. apart from getting arrested, crash, getting killed and/or eaten (!), I worry about the bike breaking down on me in the middle of fuckin nowhere, which is where I will be most of the time. I need to learn how to do anything from changing and fixing tires, fixing spokes, changing the oil and all the filters (oil/fuel/air), finding ad fixing electrical issues, spark plugs and a number of other things that I´m probably not fully aware of yet.

So, I need a mentor-mechanic. anyone know any one that can help out and give me a few crucial pointers? 



About christerberentsen

Always searching. The world is my playground.

2 responses to “I need a mentor-mechanic”

    • christerberentsen says :

      Nah, too many rules. I just want to ride, I´m too old to play the prospect game I think.

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