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Sleepwalking by Photec

The fear of getting stuck I imagine. Or maybe a need for change. Life changes, regardless if you want it to or not.

Killroy has a catchphrase “Go before it is too late”.

I take that to heart every day

18 months is a short stretch of forever 🙂

What took you so long?

My god, it´s been a very hectic month! Oktober just flew by, and I don´t even have a girlfriend or wife or kids that take all my time.

New job first of october, as a host/security at a couple of bars and nightclub in my home town, Stavanger. Good fun to work with one of my best mates and sparing partner. Working nights took a little getting used to, but it´s all good. It´s fun to enjoy working again.

Another great step is establishing my own little company,”Berentsen Coaching”. Main business is Personal Training lessons, fitness, TRX training and courses, self-defense based on KFM (Keysi Fighting Method) and of course coaching. Very excited 🙂

The downside is that I had to put trip-planning on the back-burner a little bit. It will still happen, and the timetable is still sound. It is still my greatest adventure, and I  will do anything I can to go it all the way.

Catch you later, hopefully with shorter intervals. 🙂

Helmet Camera

Helmet Camera GoPro

OMG this is a real must!