CRASH. Disaster..

Some news travel slowly, and this post is in that Category.

Last friday I crashed my trusty Yamaha. Friday evening, a lot of traffic, and I was driving home. Choosing the bus-lane (legal in Norway) due to heavy traffic in the regular lane, I was enjoying the fact that I was not stuck in traffic as was everyone else.

Someone else obviously had the same idea, as one of the cars in the lane to my left suddenly cut into my lane and thereby cut me of. It is clear that whoever drove that little white POS didn´t see me, and I had to choose between the car and a dodgy evasive maneuver. I tried the latter, ended over a grassy devider, flying through some bushes and rolling to a standstill.

I checke and rechecked and decided that nothing was broken. Then I realized that the driver that cut my lane didn´t even stop!

And worse; no-one else stopped either! A long slow-moving line of drivers that just didn´t care!

So, the bike suffered some engine- and a lot of cosmetic damage. Its a week ago now and its still in the shop waiting for a damage assessment.

In the aftermath it does put additional information into the assessment of which bike to choose for the long ride around the world. And I gotta be honest, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure now seems like the preferable alternative. More on that later.

My friends Andreas and Kjersti offered up one of their KTM´s for a week. Great help with the transportation issue. Although I think their plan is secretly to push me in favor of a KTM rather than a beemer. Ironically enough the KTM 990 didn´t start. (Probably a bit picky on choosing a driver). The 690 Duke did however, and that´s what I ended up with. But, it´s not a very big bike, and consequently I look like a bear riding a circus bike 🙂

But, it´s a very fun ride, I absolutely LOVE the sound, and I am very grateful for the curtesy! Thanx!


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7 responses to “CRASH. Disaster..”

  1. Kjersti says :

    Yeah, I know, that’s why I bought it 🙂 And, you’re welcome! But you better be nice to me on wednesday!! 😉

  2. Andreas says :

    We need to take a picture of you on the bike … I like the bear on a bike image I have in my head!

  3. Andreas says :

    So, I went home to find out what was wrong with my bike, since you were unable to start it. Here’s what I did:
    1. Put the Key in the ignition
    2. Twisted the key, till the lights came on.
    3. Hit the ignition button
    And guess what… It started on the first attempt. So now I’m curious which of the above mentioned points you forgot. I’m guessing either 1 or 3.
    This brings forth a more important point which you alluded to in the post, that you’re leaning towards getting a BMW …. To be honest, that sounds like a good idea, when a KTM is so tough to start 😉

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