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New tent contender

Wow! This seems neat! A tent that can fit your bike. Putting it on the maybe list.

Off Road Skills – training

This I have to do! Looks like a blast. And most definetly very deucational!

Happily adding it to my list of preparations for the next 15 months. Time will fly!.

Also, check out their page

Merry Christmas


Now that that’s over, I have great news: the final date for the showing of the apartment has been set. I own part of an apartment in my home town. Once it has been sold, I can get som proper traction on my adventure plans. I need to free up capital for this grand adventure, some for equipment, the rest for general adventure cost for my planned 12 month world circumvention. Once the apartment has been sold I can complete the first and most important step,- getting the bike thats going to be my ride, home, office and freedom for 12 months..

Then there is a long list of equipment, modifications, testings, training and visa-applications.

2013 is going to be great!

2014 is goding to be awsome!


Leap of faith

All major projects and adventures have a chance for success and a chance for failiure.

Not following your dream for fear of failiure is equal to failing, is it not?

I think what I fear most, more than accidents, injuries, robberies and death, is growing old, sitting thinking about that I didn’t have the guts to follow my dream. I fear growing old without seeing what is behind the horizon. I fear growing old knowing I never attempted the ride of a lifetime.

All it takes is a lot of planning, and a leap of faith…


No old-new bike. BUST!

So the ride I was going to check out was a bust!

The seller tried to pawn off a piece-of-shit. Barely started and as soon as he actually did get it started, he wanted to stop it, like the point was proven.

Thank god for my mechanic buddy who discretely shook his head confirming the POS status of the bike..

After a few minutes of engine sputter, it started to leak oil like there was no tomorrow. Goddamn leprechaun..

I’ll find another ride..