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Be careful! It is dangerous!


Most people I talk to about my great adventure-dream have one thing in common; they all agree that the world is a dangerous place.

The most common line I hear is “be careful, it’s dangerous”. Then usually there is a personal variety of what it is that is so dangersous. Concencus is that it is mostly people, and a good second runner up are accidents. I.e. me crashing and dying somewhere the ambulance can’t reach in 30 seconds. Or me meeting bad people up to no good wishing me harm.

It makes sence that if I stay at home, hiding from all potential dangers, then I will be safe. From dangers, people, accidents and life.
Is life hiding in everyday safety and boredome really life? Does it qualify as living? Do you feel that rush of life, stuck in rushour traffic, slowly hurrying from one routine chore to the next. Counting days until the weekend, or until the next vacation. And once the weekend arrives, a different routine sets inn. The same as the last weekend. And soon vacation. Vacating the routine. Running from the majority of life.

The dangers of change feels so great, so clear and prescent, that the default is to create a local safe haven, where the unexpected is blocked out, and we hide safely  behind walls of routine and “must do”.

It is all a little suffocating.

I just wanna travel to the horizon, and then to the next. And the next. Meet people, see places. Live life.

Sure bad things can happen. But what is worse? Living a life with just a tiny risk as a price to live my dream?

Or not risk living, in order to follow the rushour traffic into oblivion?

MC EXPO here I come!

There is a first for everything. This MC expo is one of them.

I have never really understood the need or point of going around gawking at equipmen and drinking beer for 3 days.

Today I recieved an email from one of the Touratech (click the link..) reps regarding a question I had. (I was wondering if the 45+38 litre Zega Pro paniers would be wider than the BMW GSA 1200 handlebars..). In passing the Touratech rep asked If I would be coming to the MC Expo at Lillestrøm (click the link..) ..?

As usual my first reaction is “MC expo? Really. Who would walk around for 3 days gawking at MC stuff and drink beer?”

But I soon realized that te correct question is “who the hell would not go to a MC expo and gawk at mc stuff and drink beer for 3 days??”

This is going to be great! It’s like grown up x-mas!

Check it out!

Altrider Crashbars.. Well well well. What have we here?

Some times when I scour the net for information and tips regarding my obsession, the world trip, I get lucky.
Often tips, opinions and equpiment found and sugested leaves me with a “meh” feeling. Not impressed. Irrelevant. Bogus. Halfassed. Ignorant. etc..

This is not one of those “meh” moments.

A friend and fellow rider, Tom, turned my atention towards Altrider Paniers. But what really caught my attention logging into their site was the crashbars. This is a serious piece of equipment. Looks very impressive. Moing it way up on my must-have list.

On my way

When you open your eyes and look around, motivation is all around.

I have a rough idea on which countrlies I want to visit, but it’s still a rough sketch.

All I know is that I will do this. I am on my way..

Dempster Highway – 7000 km of crazy happy

Dempsey Hvy

Dempster Highway, Canada. 3624 km from Vancouver. Described as the only road in Canada that crosses the arctic circle and that is open all year around. Dirt road. Gravel. Mud. Potholes that can swallow half a front wheel, and Grizzly bears the size of medium compact cars. Some say it’s crazy, some that it’s a sure way to test (and potentially break) bike and rider.
Fact is that it will add another 7000 km and some change to my world circumvention trip.

What’s not to like? 🙂

Next to the plains of Mongolia, this is a serious “must” on my list. I can hardly wait.

Any takers?