It’s on!


In a way, sanding kitchen cabinets has very little to do with motorcycle adventure riding.

And yet, thoughts and pictures of sanded down cabinets finds it’s way to my adventure blog. Sanding cabinets is not very adventurous, granted, but it’s what it represents more than what it physically is.

All in

That’s what this is. All in.
Sanding the the cabinets is a very physical start of selling the apartment. And selling the apartment is a major milestone on the road to realizing my dream,- the 15 month long world tour on a motorcycle. Once it’s sold, two things happen: 1) I’ll have the capital I need to jump into this amazing and somewhat unsettling and scary adventure. 2) I’ll be free to do just that.

A good friend once quoted Janis Joplin to me, telling me that:

Freedome is just another word for nothing left to loose

I choose to disagree.

All inn means that you risk everything, beacause the risk is concidered accepable, and the reward is everything. I have everything to loose. If I don’t follow my dream, I fear that may break my spirit. Yet, going may break my heart.

I have a all-consuming yearning to go and see whats over the next ridge, over the next horizon. Freedom is a scary word, because it represents somewhat of a detachment from what is concidered a a standardized living in our society. But concider this: is it scary for me, or scary for you?

Be that as it may, I keep sanding my kitchen cabinets, keep researching, keep planning and keep dreaming of the great adventure.

It’s on. I’m all in..

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Always searching. The world is my playground.

One response to “It’s on!”

  1. Andreas says :

    I like that you combine sanding with a Corona … A cold beer goes hand in hand with remodeling 🙂

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