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NEW BIKE! Yeah baby!

Been a while since my last post. Appartently remodeling and selling an apartment is a fulltime job. Who knew, right?

So, anyway, tomorrow I’m going to sign the papers for a new BMW F800GS, 2012. YAY!

What (!), you gasp. 800GS? Whatever happened to all the boasting about BMW R1200GSA?

Well, there where adittional conciderations. New factors. stuff like offroad capabilities, weight, range, offroad capabilities, price new, cost to get it adventure ready, range, and also ease of maintenance. No, all the constant nagging regarding the GSA being a couch. On two wheels. For old people. All that had absolutely nothing wahtsoever to do with it.
Shut it, Andeas..

More info will arrive in the next couple of days. The Bike is expected to arrive in Norway around May 10th. WEEE! Yes, it will be imported from Germany. But then that kinda makes sence. It is German after all 🙂

And then May 23rd I go to Sweeden to participate on a 2 day offroad cource by Touratech. Click the link to check it out 🙂

Man. May 2013 is going to be AWSOME!