Time flies – a 6 week recap..

Time passed since my last confession is nigh unforgivable. So much has happened since may 23rd! 

2 day offroad cource – Greatness!
The third weekend of May I took the trip to Säfsen in Sweeden to have a go at Touratech’s OffroadSchool. Their Basic cource was to be a friday-saturday thing. I was planning to go there on my new ride, but bike delivery got delayed. So some quick reorganizing and I flew to Oslo and picked up a Rental there for the 3 hour drive into Sweeden. (On a side noet; the rental company, Europecar, upgraded my chosen GOLF to a brand new BMW 316. VERY good start on what was to be a great weekend)

I concider my self a fairly skilled rider, on tarmac. But this class would focus on gravel and offroad driving. Previous to this class I had the total of 10 meters experiance on gravel. (5 meters going in on a dirt road with a Fazer, then rethinking the stupidity of my mini adventure, and 5 meters out again..). Given my previous experience I was more than a little apprehensive. Adding that I crashed and completely destroyed my trusy Yamaha Fazer FZ6 in november (check out the disaster-post here) I was somewhat less confident than I would prefer.

The basic class was awsome. And also on a Toouratech rented BMW F800GS, som I would get to play with the same bike I was waiting for back home 🙂

The first 100 meters on gravel just as a means of transportation from the Säfsen Resort Hotel and to the training ground was not fun. I felt the bike was splashing all over the place in this very hostile new environment. But we emediately starting training on some very basic driving skills and soon enough I started to enjoy the feel of control and could play around more and more. Each day was ended with everyone taking a drive on the gravel roads in the lokal area guided by one of the instructor from the OffroadSchool. Awsomeness! From freaking out (very discretely in my helmet,- noon needed to know at that point) that same morning at the first sight of gravel, to enjoying a gravel backroads trip riding standing up for about an hour.. And then the next day doing it all over again.

Stuff that was covered was roughly as follows (all based on riding standing up)

  • Basic balance techniques
  • Turning on gravel
  • Various cone-slalom drills
  • Enclosed 180 deg. turn
  • Enclosed 360 deg. turn
  • Enclosed figure 8 turn
  • Breaking with and without ABS
  • Hill ascent (40 deg elevation!)
  • Hill decent (40 deg elevation!)
  • Water crossing
  • Different ways to pick up the bike without breaking bike or rider…

I already look forward to the advanced cource next spring..

Bikes delivered
After I got home the bikes where delivered. Very happy!
Wait! Bikes??!? But you only need one right?
Yes, I do only need one. But my girlfriend got one as well. Same make and model and colour (will upload picktures here, I promise..).
Wait! Girlfriend??!? But you said “bla bla driving all by my lonesome..” You where very spesific…
Yes, girlfriend, yes I know what I said, but sometimes theres just not enough reason to go around, and so life change.. But don’t worry, the grand trip is still happening.

Apartment sold, Appartment bought
Also, during the last year I’ve been planning and dreaming of the grand trip, and a major milestone has been selling my old apartment. very big and very costly, and all my funds where tied up in it.
I have done a fair bit of remodeling, especially the kitchen that got a new everything. And soon after putting the apartment on the market, it was sold for more than asking price! Now, the remodeling, I put hundreds of hours in it. And I had help from family and then friend, later girlfriend (who says that remodeling will break a couple up??) and I was very pleased with the result.
My former neighbor now tells me that the new owner is tearing out everything to do it again her own way… Ironic, perhaps, but I have to look at it in terms of job done and paid for..

Apartment bought?
Well, the afore mentioned girlfriend and I bought a large walk-in-closet about a third of the size of my old apartment. I like it, I love that I don’t have to rent, and it’s very close to everything. In fact it’s so close to work that these days I’m always late..

Still waiting to buy that one piece of furniture that we have room for. Its a draw between a lamp and a chair.

But, the bikes (yes, plural) stay side by side in an in door garage parking space. About half the size of the afore mentioned walk in closet. But not to worry,- the parking area already have a lamp. And considering it is much cheaper, I finally can free up capital ang get proper momentum on the preparations of my project, not only in theory, but real physical momentum. 🙂

Life is good, enjoy it while it’s there 🙂

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