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Day 7 – Welding awsomeness Hamar

HotStuf aka Tonje aka the Extremely Lost Biker had her ride lowered at Touratech in Lidkøping a few days ago. Day 6 made it clear that her sidestand was waay to long after the lowering of the suspension. At a gas station in Notodden on our RnR day her ride tipped into the pump due to the awkward angel of the bike. The panier took a bit of a beating, but it was obvious that an adjustment was needed. We rolled back into camp and I started researching our possibilities.

Meanwhile the camping life was further enjoyed 🙂





The wonders of solar power! Great investmet!

Day 7, thursday, we got in touch with a very accomodating guy at MC Huset Nydalen in Hamar.  He explaned that the sidestand needed to be cut and welded, had the knowhow and experience and could squeeze us in the next morning! Great! So we broke camp, spent some time balancing HotStuff’s paniers (did NOT want a repeat of day 3 where she wanted to sell the bike, and me, and quit the project….), plotted another scenic route to Hamar via just about every back road I could find, and rode off.. Resting at closed down diners, crossing airstrips (!) and just cruising thought a great and varied landscape 🙂






Bear in mind that Tonje still don’t have her licence. The roads less traveled that we chose give us constant challenges with regards to road quality. At least gravel roads are unasuming with regards to quality and maintenance.
At one point we crossed under a railway and the tunnel was so narrow that we barely made it thought. Also, the tarmack was so worne that it looked and felt like driving in paralell bathtubs (don’t ask me how I know 😉  )

It’s at these places that I realize the enormouz skill increase in HotStuff’s riding abilities. I know many who would struggle a lot more here! Very proud and impressed! I no longer worry about, and plan, both my and her riding style, speed, chosen line etc. I’m just enjoying the ride. Life is great 🙂

Day 8, just before 9am we rolled into the parkinglot outside MC Huset, Nydalen.  The mechanic gave a very reassuring 60sec talk through of the job and how they wanted to solve it.


We just relaxed, kicked back and abused the offer of free coffee and wifi.

90 minutes later the bike was ready! Perfect!

Before :




After, 4 cm shorter

The man with the skills! Thanx! :


Thanx to all the people at MC Huset Nydalen. Great work, great service, very accomodating and very friendly.

Before we rolled out we spent a little time talking to other bikers at the lot. Tonje was introduced to the upside of meeting other bikers on the road. All is friendly and easy to talk to 😉

We even got our picture taken by a professional photographer from NRK; Bjørn Anders Sørli. Thanx for the picture and the chat 🙂


The rest of the day was spent riding back to Oslo, again checking into Hotel Marte&Espen for the weekend.

Life is good. Ride on.

Day 4 – Lidkøping – Touratech

So day 2 was largely spent catching and later eating crabs at the cabin, and the rest was spent in the pool. 🙂

Day 3 was a long ride from the cabin to Marthe and Espen in Oslo. Waaay later then planned (sorry to our gracious hosts). We where batteling high winds, long rig road trains, poorly balanced packing on the Tonjes bike (my bad) and and wrongly adjusted rear suspension same bike (again, my bad)..
Tonje was NOT impressed and wanted to sell the bike, and me, at some point. After proper adjustment however all was a little better. I think she’ll keep the bike (and quite possibly me aswell)

Today, day 4, we left my bike snuggly at M&E’s garage and both got on Tonjes bike riding to Lidkøping to get Tonjes bike lowered. (Hope it’ll be a little higher than your standard gocart.. )

Due to great weather yesterday we packed and dressed for the same weather today. Yes its warm now, but we almost froze to death with temperatures around 10 deg C the first hour. But great roads, no traffic and a rising temperature turned it into a great ride! Tonje is happy and yet again purrs.

We also picked up all the little pieces that didn’t make it on the first Touratech shipment. Most importantly my new Companero jacket. Very exited for the road home.

A special thanx to the guys at Touratech Nordic for hooking us up with great prices and service on what is the majority of our equipment 🙂

While waiting for the mechanic to finish (a little later than planned,- therefore we again will arrive a little later than planned at M&E’s…) – we enjoyed Lidkøping the touristy way, and got our first panier-stikkers. Yay!

Seeing the housing prices here I seriously wanna move. Just gotta find a job here. After the world tour,- ofcourse. …



And, because the GPS is mounted on my bike, I chose all the extra and special and wrong little streets gettibg home. But finally here! 🙂

Day 1 – Shakedown

So day one of the shakedown has been completed.

Me on my bike and the future Mrs Berentsen, aka HotStuff, aka the Extremely Lost Biker,- on hers.
Yes it is true that she dont have a license.
No, it’s not a problem. Turns out that we can practice on separate bikes as long as both have a huge L on our backs 😉

First leg was from Stavanger to my dads cabin at Ålo close to Kristiansand.
Halfway there we stopped for a coffee and to strech our backs a little.
Before we got underway again local partygoers where stumbling by. It turnes out that one nice lady had a unplanned encounter with the ground and needed some firstaid and a proper bandaid. See pictures further down

Last strech was done in the dark, with food, beer and good company waiting at the cabin 🙂





Oil leak.. oh crud

So one of these days I was down in the garage putting on some of the new parts that is intended to make both bikes adventure worthy.

After each part I put on I take each bike for a little spinn around in the garage. Firstly testing that everything is as it should be, but also funn training doing tight corners standing up in tight and low-light conditions.. Work, then play, then work, then play..’

A few days I suddenly noticed a plume of smoke, and the smell of burning oil or wires.

SHIT! What the hell? Did I do that?! 

Then I spendt a lot of testing and looking and crawling over and under the bike looking for the culprit. Was it a wire suddenly melting due to engine heat? Was it something I did putting stuff on the bike? I conferred with a good friend, Trond, my mechaninc-go-to guy. Then, following his advice I removed all the ods and ends that I had just added looking for the source.

I found that it was a gasket leaking from the main motor housing. Bad News because now I needed to get the bike to the only local BMW sertified mechanic in the area. Bike delivered and time passes..


Today I recieved an sms telling me that the bike was ready, and that it would be free of charge due to the factory waranty..



Getting my bike back tomorrow!




The waiting game..

Ever noticed that time goes by very slowly when Your waiting for something good?


Very slowly!


Waiting for a large shipment from Touratech, another rather big one from Wunderlich (that got a little lost in customs, but is again on it’s way) and the finishing touches from Altrider. The last package has been sendt, returned by some German mail-office and resendt..

With some luck it will all arrive this week.


In the mean time I enjoy some down time with man-flu, aka the common cold.


Ain’t life grand



Look at the pretties :-)


Critical tools arrived today! Torx socket E6 and E8. BMW is on the cutting edge when it comes to R&D, and of cource they use fancy bolts and nuts. Male Torx nuts is more the rule than the ecception.

So I had to scour the net to find the proper parts and tools.

Www.verktø to the rescue 🙂

I think there will be more tuning of the rides tonight 🙂

Shopping – a guy thing

I admit I have a strained relationship to shopping.
Like IKEA, aka Mordor, I can only take so much kids and screeming and furniture. Or clothing (unless its sports, outdoors or MC related). Dear God I want to give prais to the very understanding and compassionate people who put chairs and sofas in shopping malls in or close by any store that is not sports, outdoors or MC related…

Or pubs. There should really be a pub in or close by said stores..

Anyway. As a preparation to the 14 month honeymoon – (it’s been somewhat referred to in, well, more or less every post on this blog. It just recently changed names a little bit..) – I have been doing som shopping. Shopping of the kind that made the hours fly and have me longingly waiting by the mail box. Shopping for very spesific motorsycle equipment and / or camping gear. Shopping for bits and pieces and gadgets to make the bike and rider adventure ready. Theres soo many cool gadgets and so much research in order to select just the right piece based on price / weight / function and how it would work in conjunction with everything else.

So, suddenly shopping is a guy thing.

With Tonje aka The Extremely Lost Biker aka HotStuff going with me on the trip, it was easy enough to order double up of everything that is needed. A few items we’ll only get one of. Kinda makes sence, saves space, weight and money.

Below is the short shopping list.

There are still some items in the whishlist, but we’ll have to deal with those later.. I’ll try to imbed links to the right page on every item. Just click it if your curious 🙂




  • Skid plates = 2 pcs   => (The only one available that fits the wonderful crashbar from Wunderlich)




Read More…

New rider – the extremely lost biker…

16th August 2012 i wrote a post on the merits on going alone versus going with someone. It was pretty early in the planning stage of this oh so great adventure. For new readers and those with shoddy memory, please check out the original post =>

Last october I started working as a doorman. Being single and sick and tired of the hassels of my grown-up job, I happily traded daytime for nighttime and assumed the position (and posture) of a Gorilla.

I read alot of other peoples experiences regarding such and similar adventures, and the advice was: “Tell everyone or it will never happen!” So that’s what I did.  I would tell everyone I met about the big plan. I would talk to colleagues and friends and family until their ears where red and warm..

One of my colleagues became a good friend, untill suddenly one day in february she was more. A lot more. I had blabbered on about how I was going on the trip of a lifetime and that it was the perfect time to do it, me being single and liking my solitude and yada yada.

So much for the Perfect plan, huh? Well I tried to hold on to both the dream and the girl. But oh the pain! 15 months on the road alone, just aking to be home? Damn it, it’s exactly what I didn’t want!

The dame started floating the possibility of visiting here and there on my trip around the world, and I clung to it.  Then when time came for me to get my new ride, she got on board and bought a twin ride for herself. Only problem is she didn’t have a license yet. Still don’t but we’re working on that.

Summer comes around and this fantastic girl decides to join me on the trip. It’s clear that she has no idea what she’s getting her into. None. Whatsoever.

Imagine the guts. To boldly go where no, or very few, sane people have gone before. For fun. Bacause it’s there.

What can I say? What a keeper. And keep her I will. I took a knee, and babbled out a proposal. Some of the neighbours thought I stumbeled, but swear that’s not at all what happened!

What did happen though is that she said yes! Holy crap! 😀

So together we plan a marrige, and keep planning the trip. Now it’s going to be a 14 month honeymoon 😉

The blog is called LostBiker based on my proven lack of navigationskills on a MC ride to Denmark (I ended up in Italy..). But if I have a nickname, so should she, right? Well, she picked “the Extremely Lost Biker”.

However, the ScalaRider on her helmet calls her “HotStuff” everytime she turns it on. I like that nickname much better…

On the blog-post I referred to at the very top, I listed a few things that that neede to be in place.

  1. Motorcycle licence, valid internationally. => well clearly this is not up to speed. But we’re working on it. 😉
  2. Your own MC capable of going off road, as there will be something of a road-shortage where I´m / we´re going. => Check 🙂
  3. Be completely self-sufficient in terms of equipment and funds. Motorcycle riding is all about freedom, and that also entail the freedom to go your own way. => Check, but I’m not letting the extremely lost biker aka HotStuff out of my sight..
  4. Necessary training (before departure at least); first aid, some mechanical skills, MC-offroad skills. => Well her mechanical skills are not so great (although rumor has it she changed the front breaks on her first car all by her lonesome), but she brings other skills to the table. It’ll work out GREAT! 🙂
The LostBike & HotStuff

The LostBike & HotStuff