New rider – the extremely lost biker…

16th August 2012 i wrote a post on the merits on going alone versus going with someone. It was pretty early in the planning stage of this oh so great adventure. For new readers and those with shoddy memory, please check out the original post =>

Last october I started working as a doorman. Being single and sick and tired of the hassels of my grown-up job, I happily traded daytime for nighttime and assumed the position (and posture) of a Gorilla.

I read alot of other peoples experiences regarding such and similar adventures, and the advice was: “Tell everyone or it will never happen!” So that’s what I did.  I would tell everyone I met about the big plan. I would talk to colleagues and friends and family until their ears where red and warm..

One of my colleagues became a good friend, untill suddenly one day in february she was more. A lot more. I had blabbered on about how I was going on the trip of a lifetime and that it was the perfect time to do it, me being single and liking my solitude and yada yada.

So much for the Perfect plan, huh? Well I tried to hold on to both the dream and the girl. But oh the pain! 15 months on the road alone, just aking to be home? Damn it, it’s exactly what I didn’t want!

The dame started floating the possibility of visiting here and there on my trip around the world, and I clung to it.  Then when time came for me to get my new ride, she got on board and bought a twin ride for herself. Only problem is she didn’t have a license yet. Still don’t but we’re working on that.

Summer comes around and this fantastic girl decides to join me on the trip. It’s clear that she has no idea what she’s getting her into. None. Whatsoever.

Imagine the guts. To boldly go where no, or very few, sane people have gone before. For fun. Bacause it’s there.

What can I say? What a keeper. And keep her I will. I took a knee, and babbled out a proposal. Some of the neighbours thought I stumbeled, but swear that’s not at all what happened!

What did happen though is that she said yes! Holy crap! 😀

So together we plan a marrige, and keep planning the trip. Now it’s going to be a 14 month honeymoon 😉

The blog is called LostBiker based on my proven lack of navigationskills on a MC ride to Denmark (I ended up in Italy..). But if I have a nickname, so should she, right? Well, she picked “the Extremely Lost Biker”.

However, the ScalaRider on her helmet calls her “HotStuff” everytime she turns it on. I like that nickname much better…

On the blog-post I referred to at the very top, I listed a few things that that neede to be in place.

  1. Motorcycle licence, valid internationally. => well clearly this is not up to speed. But we’re working on it. 😉
  2. Your own MC capable of going off road, as there will be something of a road-shortage where I´m / we´re going. => Check 🙂
  3. Be completely self-sufficient in terms of equipment and funds. Motorcycle riding is all about freedom, and that also entail the freedom to go your own way. => Check, but I’m not letting the extremely lost biker aka HotStuff out of my sight..
  4. Necessary training (before departure at least); first aid, some mechanical skills, MC-offroad skills. => Well her mechanical skills are not so great (although rumor has it she changed the front breaks on her first car all by her lonesome), but she brings other skills to the table. It’ll work out GREAT! 🙂
The LostBike & HotStuff

The LostBike & HotStuff

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2 responses to “New rider – the extremely lost biker…”

  1. erikdambo says :

    Gratulerer Christer. Det er mye kjekkere å ha noen å dele med!

  2. Tangen says :

    Kjempekjekt å høre (lese;-)

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