Day 1 – Shakedown

So day one of the shakedown has been completed.

Me on my bike and the future Mrs Berentsen, aka HotStuff, aka the Extremely Lost Biker,- on hers.
Yes it is true that she dont have a license.
No, it’s not a problem. Turns out that we can practice on separate bikes as long as both have a huge L on our backs 😉

First leg was from Stavanger to my dads cabin at Ålo close to Kristiansand.
Halfway there we stopped for a coffee and to strech our backs a little.
Before we got underway again local partygoers where stumbling by. It turnes out that one nice lady had a unplanned encounter with the ground and needed some firstaid and a proper bandaid. See pictures further down

Last strech was done in the dark, with food, beer and good company waiting at the cabin 🙂





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Always searching. The world is my playground.

One response to “Day 1 – Shakedown”

  1. Mor/svigermor in spe says :

    Thombs up for you two!

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