Day 4 – Lidkøping – Touratech

So day 2 was largely spent catching and later eating crabs at the cabin, and the rest was spent in the pool. 🙂

Day 3 was a long ride from the cabin to Marthe and Espen in Oslo. Waaay later then planned (sorry to our gracious hosts). We where batteling high winds, long rig road trains, poorly balanced packing on the Tonjes bike (my bad) and and wrongly adjusted rear suspension same bike (again, my bad)..
Tonje was NOT impressed and wanted to sell the bike, and me, at some point. After proper adjustment however all was a little better. I think she’ll keep the bike (and quite possibly me aswell)

Today, day 4, we left my bike snuggly at M&E’s garage and both got on Tonjes bike riding to Lidkøping to get Tonjes bike lowered. (Hope it’ll be a little higher than your standard gocart.. )

Due to great weather yesterday we packed and dressed for the same weather today. Yes its warm now, but we almost froze to death with temperatures around 10 deg C the first hour. But great roads, no traffic and a rising temperature turned it into a great ride! Tonje is happy and yet again purrs.

We also picked up all the little pieces that didn’t make it on the first Touratech shipment. Most importantly my new Companero jacket. Very exited for the road home.

A special thanx to the guys at Touratech Nordic for hooking us up with great prices and service on what is the majority of our equipment 🙂

While waiting for the mechanic to finish (a little later than planned,- therefore we again will arrive a little later than planned at M&E’s…) – we enjoyed Lidkøping the touristy way, and got our first panier-stikkers. Yay!

Seeing the housing prices here I seriously wanna move. Just gotta find a job here. After the world tour,- ofcourse. …



And, because the GPS is mounted on my bike, I chose all the extra and special and wrong little streets gettibg home. But finally here! 🙂

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