Day 13 – Swapping the Iron-Horse for a Horse-Horse

Day 12 came around and we left Kragerø and headed towards a campsite near Arendal, right on the riverfront at Nidelven. Very nice, and very vacant due to september being out of season.


First night was very cold, and HotStuff and I had to break out a lot of wool to keep warm. The morning greeted us with a lot of morning dew, and some condensation between the tents standard bathtub-groundsheet and the extra one we brought to avoid condensation on the standard ground sheet… ugh.. Some adjustnemt was made to the tightness of the tent, the number of tentpegs, etc. We also discovered that the place we decided to pitch our tent was the only one where the sun would not shine until after 11 am. Inconvenient that.

Day 13 morning, and due to the brilliant tent-placement we decided to have breakfast by the riverside.



As I enjoyed my morning coffee Tonje made a few phonecalls and before I knew what had happened “we” had decided to go to a a rather large local stable where we could rent horses. HotStuff has spent her youth around horses, so second nature to her. Me,- not so much. My only previous experience was 30 years ago, 30 minutes on an old mare who knew the way and kinda just took me along.

Yet, how could I say no? HotStuff said yes to the world-trip, then to my proposal. So.. horsies here we come..


HotStuff getting my horse-monster..

The endeavour was started by grooming and befrending the horse-beast. I’d like to think that equal distrust turned into mutual lack of unease. I imagine the horse-beast thought “oh great, another noob!”

But as they say; who dares wins!


I'm here for your 12:30 grooming. No need to be alarmed..


Lift. Foot. Higher..


Woho. Cooperation..

Next HotStuff swung into her saddle, and I crawled into mine. We got underway into the gravely trails and I tried to figure out how to control this horse-beast.


Where are the controls? Handlebars?

Tonje gave me a crashcource in how to hold the reins, how to sit, how to start, how to stop, backing up, right and left turns, rythm, and how to park it (the horse horse).


HotStuff comes back to collect me and the beast

I had to readjust from riding an enduro bike, and Iron-Horse to a Horse-Horse. Really a lot more fun then I expected 🙂


River-crossing pro


River-crossing intermediate

Turns out that riding a Horse-Horse is a lot about cooperation, while riding an Iron-Horse is just physics.


Boy got skillz, now at least


Horse-Horse vs Iron-Horse

We had a great time, so much that I’d easily do it again.
Next year we’ll be in Mongolia in July. Major horse-country. Should get another chance there 🙂

And I’m sure we’ll get an extended similar vacation in the future. Vague plans are already on the drawing board.. 🙂

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3 responses to “Day 13 – Swapping the Iron-Horse for a Horse-Horse”

  1. Andreas says :

    The next blog entry will be that you’re selling your bikes and will do the World trip on horses instead 😉

    Hi ho, Silver!

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