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New Years eve – some garage work

Why should this day be any different?

Keeping it short due to the waiting party.

Today’s work was both fixing a loose sidestand on my bike and fixing Tonjes left panier, who took a beating during the testride we had 2 weeks this summer.

I had to go all Thor on the panier and hammer it back into shape. One of the plastic clamps that connect it to the frame of the bike had do be taken off, then subsiquently glued and screwed back on. As good as new!



Then I took off the sidestand in order to ajust it. It felt a bit loose,- and there is no time like the present, so off it came..


And later on again. Quite happy with the result.


I guess this is a good place to wish all my family, friends and readers a happy new year.

To all those who have supported my, and now our, dream of riding the world for 13 months. THANK YOU!

And to all of you who keep telling me how dangerous and impossible it is; THANK YOU. It motivates me greatly. I mean, if it was easy, any idiot could do it 😉

Corrective eye surgery!

So after long and careful consideration I have decided to have corrective eye surgery done… and I confess I’m a little queasy about it..

I’ve used glasses and contact-lences for 20 years, and at least contact-lences never bothered me. Much.

I admit there have been both skiining accidents and martialarts impacts that has caused me to loose one or both lences. And sometimes wind has caused me to blink out one or both contacts while riding.

The biggest concern however is eye-infection caused by changing contact-lences while camping abd riding our F800GS’ for more than a year.

It’ll get done 27th january 2014.

Unless I chicken out.. Tonje aka HotStuff already had a similar operation, so I’m leaning heavily on her experience and courage in this…