Corrective eye surgery!

So after long and careful consideration I have decided to have corrective eye surgery done… and I confess I’m a little queasy about it..

I’ve used glasses and contact-lences for 20 years, and at least contact-lences never bothered me. Much.

I admit there have been both skiining accidents and martialarts impacts that has caused me to loose one or both lences. And sometimes wind has caused me to blink out one or both contacts while riding.

The biggest concern however is eye-infection caused by changing contact-lences while camping abd riding our F800GS’ for more than a year.

It’ll get done 27th january 2014.

Unless I chicken out.. Tonje aka HotStuff already had a similar operation, so I’m leaning heavily on her experience and courage in this…

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One response to “Corrective eye surgery!”

  1. Mor/svigermor in spe says :

    Uhrgh, dont’ like this, – but for sure its a wice decition:-)

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