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Measure once, cut twice

I am about to get married. And my fiancée already know some tell-tale signs of restlessness. With the (mostly) goodnatured nickname «Gorilla» it hardly needs stating that I don’t do so well sitting still doing nothing for too long.


She even claims that I go around looking for projects,- a tree to climb up and/or cut down, something to fix, and axe to grind to shaving speck, or one of the many motorcycle modification projects. It is ofcourse a completely unfounded claim.


Eitherway, the other day when I was hovering over our two BMW F800GS in the garage, I found that I could gain 3,5 cm, or 1,378 inches, of luggagespace on each bike by moving the Rotapax fueltanks backwards.. That’s 3,5 cm more space to try to find a comfortable position riding our bikes for 13 months. (If you’ve not yet heard about the project, click here for the route description)



The process of moving the spare fuel tanks is fairly straight forward. It is simply a matter of measuring up and drilling two new holes in the luggage plate. It is highly reccomended to remove the luggageplate before you start drilling, unless you want to risk ventilating the bike in places the BMW-designers did not intend for it to be ventilated.


I pride myself in using only the tools I have in my toolroll. These are the tools that are going with us on the trip, so it makes sence to make sure I can do any opperation I need with a minimum of tools and gizmos. Drilling two holes in a precision cut luggage plate however is not something I wanted to try without powertools. So I got my drill from storage, removed the luggage plate form the bike and measured up where the new holes should be. Then, drilling the holes is eazy peazy.



In my juvenile days, roaming around in my dads basement/workshop, I remember him telling me «measure once,- cut twice». I now realize that this was not so much an advice as it was a warning.

In retrospect I now wonder about a lot of the other advice he gave me growing up. Perhaps they all where warnings? A bit confused and curious I returned to my work. The lockabel attachment for the fuel tanks have a very spesific distance between the holes for the bolts, a distance I missed by maybe 3 mm (0,118 inches). As metal dont really bend too well, I had to follow my dads advice, now turned into warning, and cut twice. So another powertool came out of storage and I made the annoying little adjustment to make it fit.


Some before and after images. 3,5 cm may not seem like much but I’m sure it’ll make a big difference. And the zen-like state of mind I get from taking on and finishing yet another project makes it all worth it.



See the difference?





Airfilter trouble…

Early in march I posted the “OMG what have I done” story.

While this where mainly about me peeling the two-wheeled onion looking to dig out the sparkplugs from the litteral belly of the beast, well the last part of the post mentioned me switcing out the original airfilter with the Unifilter from Touratech.

After riding to work for a few weeks I discovered that my F800GS lost a lot of top-power with the new filter. I couldn’t get rews up pas 5000 rpm. This gave me some interesting oh-shit-! moments entering the E39 motorway on-ramp.

After reaching out to the BMW F800GS community on FB i got my suspicions confirmed and decided to change back to the original airfilter.

Great success! My baby was back to the fun high-tork high-rev shenanegans
There is a good chance that I can solve the Unifilter issue with rinsing out waaay more of the oil-gunk before trying to reinstalling it.

We’ll see how it goes..