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GS-fueled equilibrium..


Taking the long way home from work. Enough tight corners and back country streches, and I feel like me again after a long day at the office..

This is from Vigdel beach, Norway.

Some day..

Some day..

“Someday” is just code for “never”..

Someday I’m gonna chase my dreams. Someday I’m gonna learn how to play the guitar. Someday I’m gonna travel the world looking for real meaning in a world of chaos. Someday I’m gonna leave my corner of the world and look around, live on the road, breathe the adventure.


Make sure that your “someday” turns into “today”. Start however small you need, but take a hold of your dream and go for it. No one is going to do it for you. Your friends and relatives may or may not understand why you are doing the things you do. They may or may not understand your dream.

But that really doesn’t matter.

It’s your dream to follow.