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Proudly presenting; our very first sponsorship!

Early on when I was planning my, now our, great adventure, I made a good new friend at a wedding (not my wedding, but a wedding none the less). Tom Møller Christensen and I soon found common ground in our interest in motorcycles, the urge to ride far and wide, and to be free.

Tom has always been very supportive of our project, always focusing on all the reasons why it could work. One day not long ago he invited me and my wife into his shop, Urmaker Thorbjørnsen. He smiled and proudly presented what was to be our very first sponsorship.

Toghether with Tissot, Tom Møller and Urmaker Thorbjørnsen has sponsored our adventure with matching Tissot T-Race sports watches. Everyday it will serve as a reminder of great support and trust, but also of the fact that time waits for no man. The adventure is right there, you just have to go get it. Tom even arranged a photoshoot for the occation, and the result you can see below. It was a lot of fun.

fotoEmile Ashley03-1

fotoEmile Ashley02-1

fotoEmile Ashley01-1

2014-06-11 13.08.16

It’s always very easy to compile a long list, a very long list, as to why an undertaking will not, can not, succeed. Many have done just that.

It is much more difficult to create a list over why it could work out, why it can be done, why you should not give up. Adapt yes, but never give up. It is a choice, and I choose to believe.

Tom has been a valuable supporter and believer, urging us on, when the voice of many where urging us to stay. We’re grateful for it!



Marriage – how very unexpected..

Early on after I started this blog, I wrote a small piece called «Going it alone, og going with you?»

I stated some prerequisites for going:

  1. Motorcycle license, valid internationally.
  2. ur own MC capable of going offroad, as there will be something of a road-shortage where I / we are going
  3. Completely self sufficient in terms of equipment and funds. Motorcycle riding is all about freedom to go your own way.
  4. Necessary training: first aid, some mechanical skills, MC-offroad skills.

Granted, I was thinking about a possible riding companion for parts or maybe even the entire trip. At that point, however, I really didn’t imagine that I would find a riding companion. I also didn’t imagine that I would be married before I left on this trip. I firmly held onto the plan of not getting involved with anyone before the big trip. And yet it was not to be avoided. About 4 months after we first met, both working as bouncers at a local nightclub, we ended up on a date. I still believe that neither of us realized that this was a date before it was over.

We’ve be inseparable ever since.

Four and a half months after that unexpected date, I stammered out a garbled proposal, greatly helped by body language and the very indicative one knee on the concrete. Tonje said yes, and suddenly we where planning a trip, AND a wedding. Nice. I do well when I get stressed over details…

Anyone who have done this know that preparations for a wedding is a grueling trial. Earlier I’ve mentioned that lesson learned from others (Scott and Julie),- tasks need to be separated into blue jobs, and pink jobs. Planning and preparing for a wedding is a typical pink-job, while planning and preparing for our 13 month trip is a typical blue-job…

Tonje kept her cool, enough cool for both of us. she kept us on track and kept me from freaking out  over all the little details.. (thanx baby).

On the big day, as the bride-to-be went to the hairdresser for a multi-hour appointment to do hair and what not in order to get ready for the wedding, I enjoyed some alone-time in the garage, mounting the bash-plate to her ride. The garage is one of very few places where I find my ZEN, and once this was done, my only problem was to scrub down in time to suit up and walk to church.. Believe when I tell you the stress-level rose somewhat when I couldn’t find the oil-removal-soap..


THE major milestone in my life. Saturday june 14th, the LostBiker got married to HotStuff, aka Tonje Strand, now Tonje Berentsen.

Bryllup1 Bryllup2Bryllup3

The ceremony was perfect,- I can hardly remember any of it. I just felt I did a pretty good job not gawking slack-jawed at this beauty walking up the isle.

The pride and joy that I felt, and feel, that this fierce beauty is my wife, is difficult to accurately describe. All I know is that together, as a team, we can do, can accomplish, anything.


She stole my heart, and took my name, and together we will embark on this great adventure that is life.


Together we will ride to old and new places.




I love you, baby