Every father is somebodys Hero!

Any grand undertaking is grand only if there are certain risks involved. Or there is a fairly good chance it will fail. Maybe if the challenge is so complex or so difficult that the vast majority of people would never concider it.

When concidering if a undertaking is grand, one must also take into concideration the ability and resources at the disposal for the one undertaking the grand undertaking. Because, clearly, if you are a pilot, landing a plane is like driving to work. However landing the a plane with no training and no assistance is huge. Attempting to drive a motorcycle around half the world, through most of Europe and all of the Americas from the very bottom in Southern Chile, to the very top in Northern Canada, is in my eyes a a worthy undertaking. Many people have done it before. Many more will do it after us. The idea is to live life. Experience the experience. Test resolve, solutions and most of all look for the beauty of adventure that gets drowned in the worry of everyday life.

Writer and philosopher Paulo Choelo said: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s leathal”.

So what is worse? The hardship, sweat, and tears that inevitably is the price for following your dream? Or the safety of routine, work, rushhour, 3 weeks vacation, work, routine, rushour.. Slowly seeing your years rushing into oblivion..? My dream have evolved into a burning desire to see the world, always moving, always beeing free. To be honest, I do not fear hardship and sweat, discomfort and tears. However I am terrified of knowing that the world is out there, feeling the yearning of the horizon,- and then choosing it away.

Whatever that dream may be, it always has a price. Be it financial investment, securty, comfort, or just facing the unknown. And always the question arises: will it be worth it? Is the risk to great, or is it managable? Will the price be too high, or merely an aceptable means to an end? Which aspect will win; the fear of failiure, or the need to conquer fear and then succeed in the undertaking in question?

Everyone needs a rolemodel, someone that has walked the path, and thereby letting you believe that it is possible for you to find your own. This is what my dad is to me. Always hardworking, always striving to make the best of any situation. A few years ago, together with my stepmom Vigdis and a few others, he sailed across the Atlantic from Europe to the Carabien. His tenacity and drive made it possible for him and all his co-sailers to enjoy a fantastic journey. Granted he had a lot of sailing experience, but nothing like this.

Concidering this, it was the final foundation for me believing that I could make my own adventure a reality, given enoungh drive, guts and tenacity.

This is the same man that once told me that «as long as you do your best, no one can fault you, regardless of success or failiure». Ever since this has been my major guiding principle.

Dad; all your projects, dreams and adventures have shown me that I can do pretty much anything I want to in this life. This, combined with all the love and support along the years, gives weight and credibility to the saying: “Every father is somebodys hero”.

You, old man, are my hero.



Happy birthday! May you have many many more!

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