"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple" Pondering Dr Seuss

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”
Pondering Dr Seuss

Hey,- what now?!
What is this? New blogname, Old blog name. New design.
Is this some kinda Dr. Seuss-crazy?
Changes happen. You may plan for it or not. You may pay attention to it or not. It really makes no difference. They still happen. As my steady readers would know, our grand travelplans where cut short after about 3 months. Now we’re back home in Norway, figuring out our next step(s).
Part of this process is accepting that the title “LostBiker” is a huge misnomer.

Given that we had to re-adjust our travelplans late July due to Tonje’s back, the bikes where sold in September, and their place came a sturdy Mitsubish Pajero. So LostBiker just seems wrong now, no matter what happens.
I admit to still being lost from time to time, like when I’m, trying to navigate the Mall – any mall. Or that very lost feeling that lands when you’re trying to figuring out the meaning of life. Not the grand philosophical and quite famous question. But rather the “what do I want to do with my time here” kind of question. What do I want to do when I grow up? Do I have to grow up? What does it even mean? How much growing is a dude expected to do? I’m already 189 cm, that should be plenty? These are all simple questions that usually explode into monumental impossible-to-handle size questions at just about 3:45a.m. ..
Dr Seuss put it like this: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” It makes all kinds of sence now, but this sentence alone will keep me occupied for the next few 3.45a.m.-sessions..
Anyways.. accepting that change happens, as life happens, then it is only natural that the blog changes with me, as my life changes.
The new skin is on a trial-and-error basis. Not sure I’m comfortable with it yet. We’ll see how it turns out.
The new name, as you can see, is GORILLADAYS
Why? Those of you who know me will understand. Im sure the rest will get it as we go along.
I also have 3 new domains connected to this, any will work ( www.gorilladays.net , www.gorilladays.org , www.gorilladays.com )
Also, the old www.lostbiker.net will still lead to me, just, you know, real ninja-like.
Stay tuned, enjoy the updates as they come.

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One response to “Gorilladays.com”

  1. Jarle Eek says :

    I do not know you, but I think both of you want a trip of a lifetime.
    Therefore, I believe that you do it when the time is right.

    Good luck to both of you.

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