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What´s with all the links..?

You´ve got to understand that this blog serves three purposes at this stage:

1) It´s my diary in this process of planning and preparation

2) It´s my medium for talking on and on and on about the thing I´m really interested in , the big trip!

3) It´s my planning tool. And as a planning tool I use it to store all of the information that I find at least semi-important to the project. So all the links are for me in order to get equipment, documents or training that I need for the trip. They are also for you, if you are planning anything similar.

Go nuts! Klick `em all! They are there for a reason 😉

Lost Biker

Carnet continued

Good news everyone…

Talked to the very nice people at NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation). They have a wee bit different view on the whole Carnet thing. Firstly they are 50% cheaper regarding document costs, so about NOK 3000 for the Carnet-documents. Their bank-gurarantee demands are also much cheaper, so about NOK 50.000 for my needs, but he had a few insights regarding how to go about this cheaper.. We´ll see when the time comes.

Also, NAF travel insurance cut me a deal which is 1/3 of the TRYG cost.
So bye bye Tryg Vesta.  

Great day 🙂

Carnet or not?

So research continues

Stumbled upon carnet-info at the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, which lead to Stavanger Næringsforening. It shouldn´t be to hard to figure out. But I kind of need some specifics and details. After all, I am a planner, no matter how much I rebel against it. So I just shot them an email asking for a meet-n-greet, hopefully with some Carnet-for-Dummies info.

We´ll see how it pans out