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The map quest

Things have been crazy busy with preparations for the wedding the last week, so the preparations for the trip was put on the back burner for a little while.
Now things are finally getting back on track, and yesterday I found and bought all 20 maps we need for the 13 month adventure.

After snooping around on the web and in a couple of travel books etc I kinda landed on two possible suppliers: Borch Maps and International Travel Maps & Books.

And its quite a few maps that where on the list:

  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Spain
  4. Argentina
  5. Chile
  6. Peru
  7. Bolivia
  8. Ecuador
  9. Panama
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Nicaragua
  12. Honduras
  13. El Salvador
  14. Guatemala
  15. Belize
  16. USA (4 maps)
  17. Canada

In addition we’ll be traveling through the following countries. How ever we figure that the bike-mounted GPS will suffice:

  1. Norway (home sweet home)
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Switzerland
  5. Austria
  6. France (the very southern point)

23 countries in 13 months..

Even happier when I found all in Amazon for close to half the price listed at the respective suppliers’ websites. Yay!

The maps are folded, water and muck repellent and range in scale from 1:250 000 and up to 1:2 200 000.  Some city centers will be a bit awkward to navigate with a map on the scale of 1-to-two-point-two-million. We’ll have to rely on the GPS, Tonjes impeccable navigational skills local knowledge and a generous dose of luck.

Who dares wins,- right?     What can possibly go wrong?

The new and updated route

New route

So the route for our world-tour project has been changed. Why? Well, Hotstuff got her license, but it was a bit later than we had anticipated, mostly due to the horrible quality of her first school, and the long time it took to find a vacant spot in another. This did a few not wonderful  things to our timeline, and subsequently Hotstuff never got in the training on city streets and gravelcource that we both agreed was needed.


Plains of Mongolia

One thing is just driving through Russia and surviving Mongolia .. funny how easy that sentence rolls out so easily..”just driving through Russia…”..another thing is enjoying the ride and the vastness that is mongolia. Very close to no infrastructure or roads. The ultimate adventure… Well,  one day shortly after Hotstuff got her license she said jokingly “maybe we should just drive al over Europe instead of Russia and Mongolia? And then straight over to the Americas? And then we can do Russian and Mongolia the first summer after we return from our trip.. I thought about that for about 4 seconds.  It made perfect sence. A little reseach and a new route was in place. Check it out below, map by map, month by month. Clicking on the maps brings up more detail. Try it 🙂

August 2014

August 2014

August 2014

The adventure starts august 1st 2014, instead of mid june same year. By pushing the departure date by around 6 weeks we can focus on the wedding-aftermath, and not have to organize both the wedding and a 14 + month trip all at the same time. We’ll start in Stavanger and travel east towards Kolsrud in Sigdal, where we hope to revisit my Kolsrud farm and meet up with some great people. Thereafter we aim for Sweeden, and hopefully a new gravel cource for both Hotstuff and myself. From there we’ll swing by Denmark, and on to Hamburg, Germany for some lastminute but critical gear shopping. Other must-see places in Germay is Villa Lövenherz MC hotel, my home away from home (I wish) and Schwartswald. The last days of August will be spent in Split, Croatia.

Estimated traveldistance for August 2014 is 3550 km. You know it’ll get higher ’cause I always get a little lost. But that’s the name of the game. Coincidently also the name of the blog 😉

September 2014

September 2014

September 2014

September 2014, we aim to take some kind of ferry from Split over to Ancona, Italy, and then travel the east coast of Italy, and again on a ferry over to Greece. After spending around 10 days in Greece we’ll head back to Italy via the same ferry, and ride the west-coast up to Rome, and then on to Genova.

Estimated traveldistance for September 2014 is 3500 km.

October 2014

October 2014

October 2014

October will take us from Genova, Italy, to Malaga and Gibraltar in Spain. We’ll zig-zag through the alps and slowly make our way south-west. The distance traveled this month will not be significant, with goood reason. Sometime this month in Spain we have to get both bikes overhauled for the South and Middle America part of this trip. We also have to get tire-changes. I’ll order the tires sometime in September to be delivered to a predefined adress in Spain, and then change them myself. We also plan to do a significant amount of offroad playing and training in a area relatively close to Malaga. The better prepared we are for the Americas part, the more enjoyable and safer the trip will be. In October we also have to arrange for transport from Malaga, Spain, or Lisboa, Portugal,- and over to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We hope for cargo shipping, hopefully with us as passengers. The alternative is air freight. Faster but more expencive. And monkeys. Gotta visit the monkeys in Gibraltar 😀

Estimated traveldistance for October 2014 is 2700 km.

November & December 2014

Novermber & December 2014

Novermber & December 2014

South America. Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Depending on transport from Spain, we’ll have somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks for this strech, Very excited. Hotstuff hates spiders, and Google claims that there are a few here. Google is clearly wrong. Move along, there is nothing to see here… On our trip south we hope to reach  Cape Horn. Weather, mostly temprature, may be hard to deal with. On the other hand, we’re Norwegians. Last I rode to work on my F800GS themprature was around 5 deg. C. Can’t get much worse can it? Even though it is almost spitting distance to the South pole. If we dont get abducted by Penguins at Cape Horn, we’ll travel North on the west coast in Chile towards Bolivia. So, celebrating X-mas in Chile I suspect.

Estimated traveldistance for November and Desember will totalt minimum 8000 km.

January 2015

January 2015

January 2015

In Bolivia we’re hoping to find a safe haven with friends that have emigrated & repatriated to Bolivia, La Paz. This will aslo be a logical place to have the bikes serviced and also plan the route ahead in some more detail. We’ll stay way clear of Colombia, and we need to get to Panama City. Only problem is that unless you are a native jungle-dweller or Bear Grylls there is just no way to pass through the Darién Gap. So we’ll ride to Esmeraldas, Ecuador and get on a boat for Panama City.

Estimated traveldistance for January 2015 is 3400 km.

February 2015

February 2015

February 2015

February will take us mostly along the Pan American Highway through Central America. We’ll visit all the small countries that very few people have heard of, and even fewer have been to. There are some skepticism in planning HQ regarding Mexico, so we will find some kind of transport, by sea or by land, from Belize to Miami, FL, USA.

Estimated traveldistance for February 2015 is 3700 km.

March 2015

March 2015

March 2015

March we’ll ride along the Gulf Coast from Miami, through the Everglades, and head up to Dallas, TX for another safe haven and a serious bike overhaul. The punishment the bikes will have recieved at this point means that well to everything from oilchange to break pads and everything in between. March still may give us some winter-surpises. So we’ll stay in Dallas waiting a littlebit for the weather. This will by far be the shortest strech, but we’ll hopefully make the most of it barring icy roads, and enjoy the South Texas backcountry.

Estimated traveldistance for March 2015 is 225000 km.

April & May 2015

April & May 2015

April & May 2015

April and May 2015 we’ll head to LA on the west coast, and from there head north on the very famous HighWay 1 up to Sanfransisco. From there we’ll og incountry to the Nevada Saltflats. There will be no land speed record attempt, but I am very curious of the wide open flats. From there we’ll head North to Seattle. We plan on two monts to account for King Winter to withdraw.

Estimated traveldistance for April & May 2015 is 6500 m.

June 2015

June 2015

June 2015

June takes us north up up and away to Inuvik in the very north of Canada. We’ll travel on the infamous Dempster Highway, wich is more of a very long gravel trek. Oh be still my heart! Due to the cold Canadian weather (at least waaay up north) we plan to arrive at Inuvuk at the very end of June.

Estimated traveldistance for June 2015 is 3900 km.

July 2015

July 2015

July 2015

July we’ll head back South. Mostly ’cause there’s no more going north. End of the line as they say. The Dempster HW is the only road for a while, but we’ll head south-east through Edmonton, Calgary into the US again towards Montana. Highlights of this strech is amongst others, (but without forgetting Dempster HW going South) Waterton Lakes nasjonalpark and the Princ of Wales Hotel (Canada), and Great Falls Montana- (USA).

Estimated traveldistance for July 2015 is 4100 km.

August 2015

August 2015

August 2015

August is the final strech. We are turning our front-wheels towards home. But, going there will take us through som amazing places. Amongst these Chicago, Washington D.C. and finally New York. From NY we’ll find transportation be it by air or by sea back to Europe, and then finally Norway.

Estimated traveldistance for August 2015 is 3700 km.

July and August 2016

July & August 2016

July & August 2016

MONGOLIA, – Another adventure, but not too far in the future I think 😉

World Tour – route and timeline

Okay, so here is a very brief route description. More information will come as planning progresses, and all the pieces of the puzzle lands.

May 1st. 2014 – The adventure starts! Leaving Stavanger, Norway. Will attend the annual spring rally as a proper kickoff.

May 2014 – Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,- heading to Rome! They say all roads lead to Rome. At least this one does 🙂

June 2014 – Turning north again, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and southern Russia towards Khazakstan.

Juli 2014 – Kazakhstan, heading east.

August 2014 – Mongolia. Very little roads and the offroad capabilities of the GSA will be essential. Heading to the capital UlaanBataar. Very exited about the spartan challenges and nature that Mongolia will bring. Read More…


Shakedown – the route

The Shakedown. It’s main purpose is to test bike, rider, equipment and packing and weight distribution. What works? What doesn’t? Is something missing? When I arrive home again after 6000 km and three weeks, was there clothing or equipment that never left the paniers or bags? Can I do without?

I plan to do a series of tests on the trip. Some examples below:

  • Changing inner tubes, front and rear tire
  • Changing tires, front and rear
  • Removing and replacing front and rear wheel
  • Doing a complete oil change
  • Removing and replacing the battery
  • Removing and replacing the gastank

Why fix it if it ain’t broken? I just need to find out if I can do it in the field with the equipment that I bring. All within the safe reach of NAF and my friends. I dread to find out that I can’t fix it in outback Russia..
Read More…

Dempster Highway – 7000 km of crazy happy

Dempsey Hvy

Dempster Highway, Canada. 3624 km from Vancouver. Described as the only road in Canada that crosses the arctic circle and that is open all year around. Dirt road. Gravel. Mud. Potholes that can swallow half a front wheel, and Grizzly bears the size of medium compact cars. Some say it’s crazy, some that it’s a sure way to test (and potentially break) bike and rider.
Fact is that it will add another 7000 km and some change to my world circumvention trip.

What’s not to like? 🙂

Next to the plains of Mongolia, this is a serious “must” on my list. I can hardly wait.

Any takers?

Shakedown Stavanger-Nordkapp-Helsinki-Stavanger

WHAT? A pre-trip trip?

In order to test all the equipment, packing practice, camping life, the ride, the rider.. must have a shakedown. Important questions I need to answer are amongst others these:

What did I miss? What should I NOT pack? What is actual fuel consumption. Does all the equipment work as I expect? How well do all my electronics hold up? On the road blogging, feasible?

Since my main project is a 12 month around the world trip, I figure a 3 week shakedown is just the thing.

2 Rules to this trip. 1) All nights must be spent in a tent. 2) Avoid highways.

Andreas has already signed on for this trip. Others are welcome, given that they adhere to the rules stated above, that they are completely self-reliant in terms of equipment and finances, and that I like their company.

Planned route is as follows:

  1. Stavnanger, Norway
  2. Sigdal, Norway
  3. Malung, Sweeden
  4. North Cape, Norway
  5. Helsinki, Suomi
  6. Stockholm, Sweeden
  7. Stavanger, Norway


Estimated travel distance is 4.560 km.

Accounting extra travel distance for me getting lost, and or following spur-of-the-moment navigation decisions (last two points ad up as the same most of the time, or the latter leads to the first..) I would be surprised if this shakedown trip clocks in as anything under 5.000 km. Travel time is estimated to 66 hours.

Yeah right!

I just need to drive an average of 217 km every day.


What´s with all the links..?

You´ve got to understand that this blog serves three purposes at this stage:

1) It´s my diary in this process of planning and preparation

2) It´s my medium for talking on and on and on about the thing I´m really interested in , the big trip!

3) It´s my planning tool. And as a planning tool I use it to store all of the information that I find at least semi-important to the project. So all the links are for me in order to get equipment, documents or training that I need for the trip. They are also for you, if you are planning anything similar.

Go nuts! Klick `em all! They are there for a reason 😉

Lost Biker

World Map arrived!

Yay! The world map I ordered for my project planning, or “WarRoom”” as it will be referred to henceforth, arrived this morning.

My first reaction was : WOHO!

My second was : damn thats huge (measuring 175 x 115 cm)

Third : Damn, I gotta learn some Russian…Bilde

It will look better once it´s up on the wall, with my preliminary route plotted.. 🙂

Happy days

Reiserute – sånn foreløpig

Så, planen er å kjøre verden rundt på MC.

Ønsker å kjøre fra Stavanger, via Leipzig, Berlin til Paris og så ned til Spania. Derfra en tur ned til Roma og muligens lenger sør i Italia om tiden strekker til.

Så opp og øst via Ungarn til Kazakhstan, innom Russland, inn i Mongolia, så inn i Russland igjen til kysten. Derfra en tur ned til Japan. Fra Japan tenker jeg fraktebåt/fly til Buenos Aires, og så kjøre sørover langs kysten av Argentina og så opp langs vestkysten av Chile. Tanken er å følge vestkysten av hele søramerica opp til og med Ecuador, og derfra ta en båt til Panama City. Så videre opp via bla a Mexico og inn i USA. USA sør til nord og så til slutt Canada Vest til Øst.

Foreløpig tenker jeg at dette skal ta ca 12 mnd.

Reseach og planlegging vi helt sikkert påvirke rutevalg. Tar dette etterhvert.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination 🙂