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Bike delivery date confirmed!

Alright! So finally the day is arriving! My new fabtastic shiny  BMW F800GS is coming home tuesday May 28th. Woho! I can’t wait. Bobyoboyoboyoboyoboy

In the mean time I’m going on a 2 day offroad cource in Sweeden at the Touratech Offroad School.
What better way to get aquainted with my new bike, than to play with one the same make and model on gravel and in fairly deep water?

Awsomeness waiting to happen! 🙂


Earlier I submitted a post along the lines of “be careful, it’s dangerous”. It was all about all the warnings I got from friends and relatives regarding all the bad people in the world and how the world is a bad place and “all the others” are dangerous.

Well, this very nice dashboard cam compilation from Russia is a spirit-lifter that disproves all the bleakness in a lot of peoples expectations.

Enjoy it 🙂