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New old bike on the horizon?

Insurance came trough, and so I started looking for a new ride.

New to me, but not new new.. That still have to wait a while. Hopefully the new new bike will be mine in may 2013.

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CRASH. Disaster..

Some news travel slowly, and this post is in that Category.

Last friday I crashed my trusty Yamaha. Friday evening, a lot of traffic, and I was driving home. Choosing the bus-lane (legal in Norway) due to heavy traffic in the regular lane, I was enjoying the fact that I was not stuck in traffic as was everyone else.

Someone else obviously had the same idea, as one of the cars in the lane to my left suddenly cut into my lane and thereby cut me of. It is clear that whoever drove that little white POS didn´t see me, and I had to choose between the car and a dodgy evasive maneuver. I tried the latter, ended over a grassy devider, flying through some bushes and rolling to a standstill.

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The joy of new winter gloves..


So, the cold and wet season is upon us here in Stavanger.

Mid temperature is about 4-5 deg. C. / 40 deg. F.
It´s only slightly different from late summer. Difference mainly the much shorter days, and just about 10 deg. C colder.

Anyway, I ride my trusty Yamaha every day, and hope to do so all year. Mostly because I just love riding the MC. Secondly because I sold my car late august..

The temperature-drop late in late october meant a need for a glove upgrade. So, as the picture above shows, I ordered and tried the LOBSTER gloves from Rukka.

In a word; fantastic! Warm, waterproof good enough for a record wet Stavanger fall, and the lobster design lets me use throttle and brake-lever without having to put all 4 fingers over the lever. Makes for more control and a more relaxed ride.

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